September 6 - October 18

Face Value

Leon Alesi, Scott David Gordon, Lesley Nowlin,
and Jamie Panzer

As part of our ongoing mission to support and promote artists living and working in Austin, we are proud to announce an exhibition featuring new work by Austin talent Leon Alesi, Scott David Gordon, Lesley Nowlin, and Jamie Panzer. This show explores how we perceive faces and interpret personal identity through traditional portraiture, collage, and elemental images. We invite viewers to take time with each image and allow elements and portions of each piece to emerge.

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October 25 - December 6


Gladys Poorte and Hollis Hammonds

Davis Gallery is proud to exhibit the work of Gladys Poorte and Hollis Hammonds. Both Hunting Art Prize finalists, Poorte and Hammonds use innovative mediums to push boundaries and delve into the relationship between objects, places, and emotion. The show will be comprised of three dimensional installation pieces and two dimensional works on board, canvas, and paper.


December 13 - January 10

Collective Chemistry

Sixteenth Annual Holiday Group Show

We continue our annual holiday tradition by exhibiting new work by Davis Gallery artists and guest artists Revi Meicler and Steven Paul Connor in a beautiful and diverse group show just in time for the holidays.




Recent Past Exhibitions



All Summer Long

Group show featuring gallery artists

June 7 – August 30


Second Nature

New works by David Everett and Billy Hassell

April 12 – May 24


Living in the Layers

Peggy Weiss and Micky Hoogendijk

february 22 – April 5


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