February 25 - April 8

Kindred Spirits

Paintings by Daniel Blagg and David Leonard

In this two-person exhibition of paintings, David Leonard and Daniel Blagg consider our changing world through their work. Leonard is known for his incredibly detailed panoramic paintings of modern American cityscapes ranging from Chicago to Boston to Austin. Similarly, Blagg also delineates American architecture, but focuses instead on the decay of once vibrant billboards, roadside strip malls, and now abandoned streets. Both artists ask through their work if the modifications we make to our landscape are for better or worse.

opening reception: saturday, february 25th | 7-9pm

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April 15 - May 20


New work by Malou Flato

Malou Flato returns to Davis Gallery to present her latest body of work. In this newest series, the artist depicts elegant scenes of water. Delicate ripples and forceful flow are conveyed through the artist’s well-known detailed layering and strong use of color.

opening reception: saturday, april 15th | 7-9pm



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