William Wahlgren

Poplars, 2022
Oil on Canvas
30 x 40 in
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Poplars is the beginning of a series of paintings that explore somewhat unusualbconditions of light at different times of otherwise bright and sunny days. The mood of these images is meant to invite reflection, contemplation and calm. What’s new about them in my artistic practice is the inclusion of figures and a more naturalistic approach to light and the landscape. These elements help define the image scale and to some extent suggest a narrative. I’ve not explored these elements in my work for quite some time. The paintings themselves are painted with a freer, alla-prima or bravura technique. What from a distance look like descriptive details, are, at close range, nothing more than jots, slashes and happy accidents of paint applied without hesitation, revision or doubt. It is an approach that’s taken me a long time to appreciate and adopt. I hope you enjoy them.