Daniel Blagg

Daniel Blagg

“It’s so us, it’s so American, that waste of America, and capitalism and ill-gotten gains.  And in this consumer society we just run through stuff, and there’s something desperate in that mindset.  I think in that desperation there’s a truth about ourselves… Are we creating something that’s going to make us extinct?  Is this overkill? What are we doing with what we have, and where is it going? There’s something revealing in that limbo…it really says something about us.”- Daniel Blagg


Blagg’s latest work includes his stylistically flat and dilapidated representational scenes of what were once gleaming signs of commercialism rendered with an abundance of metaphorical comments on all aspects of contemporary society.  The Neon Museum in Las Vegas is a repository for the iconic neon signage that made the city famous and has been the subject matter of Daniel Blagg’s paintings for years.

            The Texas native has been a fixture in the Fort Worth art scene for over four decades.  His work has received awards from Preservation is the Art of the City and the Hunting Prize and his work is included in the collections of Chase Bank, Fidelity Investments, The Grace Museum, Abilene, TX, Museum of the Southwest, Midland, TX, and the Old Jail House Arts Center, Albany, TX.  His public art includes the DFW Terminal D Project and the Worthington Hotel in Fort Worth, TX.


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