Kevin Greer

Kevin Greer

"I spent over two decades building my body of work and a career in visual arts. I became more focused on the softer conversations between colors as they blend. The relationship between color as emotional condition and the weighting of and atmosphere became my narrative. Simply put I am excited about the quiet language between the materials as they collide with one another; like how a blue can melt into a red in this intimate exchange of territorial moods. When approaching my work, play is necessary for discovery if for no other reason than the intimidation and vastness the blank canvases potentially hold. Once a mark is down, I build lasting relationships."



Kansas City Art Institute


TEDx Talk - Austin Music Hall

Opies Brush Gallery - Kansas City, MO

Gallery Soco - Austin, TX

Translations Gallery - Denver, CO

Anarte Gallery - San Antonio, TX

Russell Collection - Austin, TX


W Hotel - Austin, TX

The Monarch - Austin, TX

The Austonian - Austin, TX

Estilo - Austin, TX

Urbanspace - Austin, TX

Stay Guild - Austin, TX


Cover of Tribeza Magazine 2004

Featured in LUXE Interiors + Design

Multiple Reviews in the Austin Statesman


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