Charles Heppner | Introspective: Translating Beauty | June 19th - July 28th

Charles Heppner’s solo show Introspective: Translating Beauty at Davis Gallery is the second congregation of his multiple expres- sions in his distinct visual canon. Beginning in 2015 at the Gowanus Loft Gallery in Brooklyn, this iteration brings together a range of media in which he is fluent.



To those who have followed Heppner’s work through Davis Gallery you will see familiar representations from the meaningful show “Entwined Beauty” with Caprice Pierucci, as well as works from other group shows. This new show, with over 50 works, invites you to follow his journey of spiritual connectedness and awareness. Each work is an offering of contemplation: a familiar landscape, a tree, an abstract shape, a brush mark, a twinkle, a tone, all are readily accepted as observations of life.