Chasing Color, Finding Light

New Work by Laurel Daniel

Austin, TX - Laurel Daniel uses spontaneous, fresh marks to capture fleeting moments in time. She is drawn to elements of nature and is ever challenged by the mysterious behavior of color and light. Daniel's close observations reveal that truly grasping color depends on understanding light. Her careful explorations consider the subtleties of our everyday.... How is a bright sunny morning distinguished from a misty evening? How does the white of a hydrangea blossom differ from that of a well-lit house or a floating cloud? How does the yellow of a pear change in the shadows?

In this new body of work, Laurel Daniel focuses on familiar subjects - landscapes, interiors and still lifes - giving special attention to how they are clarified, sculpted and "colored" by light. Her work carries with it a purposefulness that allows the viewer to see her subjects the way she sees them. As always, a certain wistfulness and serenity are discovered in the complexities of her painterly expression.