Circadian Buzz

A Summer Group Show

Davis Gallery is pleased to announce Circadian Buzz, an extensive group exhibit focused on repetition and daily practice. Every active artist has a deep familiarity with their own daily practices, and each artist has their own sense of respect for repetition, a fundamental principle of any work of art. Each of the participating artists have created a new work, or carefully chosen work from the past, which uniquely recognizes these concepts.

Participating artists include:
Fallon Bartos | Lisa Beaman | Daniel Blagg | Steve Brudniak | Laurel Daniel | Annie Darling | Julie Davis | Faustinus Deraet | Christian de Dier| Linda Dumont | Phil Durst | David Everett | Malou Flato | Randal Ford | Denise M. Fulton | Kevin Greenblat | Joseph Hammer | Billy Hassell | Jan Heaton David Hefner | Charles Heppner | Barbara Irwin | Sandra Langston | Ysabel LeMay | David Leonard | Garrett Middaugh | Chun Hui Pak | Barbara Pence | Caprice Pierucci | Gladys Poorte | Randall Reid | John Sager| Nancy Taliaferro | Roberto Ugalde | William Wahlgren | Sam Yeates