Gladys Poorte & Hollis Hammonds

Austin, TX – Davis Gallery is proud to present Constructs: New work by Gladys Poorte and Hollis Hammonds. The themes of construction and destruction are explored through oil paintings on board, intricate pen and ink drawings on mylar, intimate three dimensional constructions, and swirling installations.

Gladys Poorte builds worlds. Her work is the result of a long process of construction. Before beginning a painting, Poorte uses seemingly unremarkable objects to construct extraordinarily imaginative three dimensional worlds. This process is playful and intuitive. Poorte allows the work to develop without guiding or forcing the direction. The paintings that emerge from this process are wonderfully engaging and take us on a journey to surreal worlds and alternate dimensions with enveloping vistas and unexpected structures. Hers is work created out of playful exploration with no other purpose than to be enjoyed. Poorte is originally from Cordoba, Argentina and now makes Austin her home. She is a Hunting Art Prize finalist who has shown in Austin, San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas.

Mass consumption, landfills, and destruction feature strongly in the work of Hollis Hammonds. The work being shown in this exhibition span the last four years and range in theme. Exploding houses, smoldering cityscapes, and asteroids of junk become gorgeous explorations of the dualities of ordered chaos and beautiful disasters. Working in ink, graphite, and archival marker on mylar and paper, Hammonds' work is part of the current national dialogue on the place of contemporary drawing in the art world. Hammonds received her MFA from the University of Cincinnati and is currently the Chair of the Department of Visual Studies and professor at St Edwards' University in Austin. Hammonds is also a Hunting Art Prize finalist and has shown extensively nationwide.

Curated by Susannah Morgan