Joseph Hammer & David Hefner

Austin, TX - Davis Gallery is proud to announce an exhibition of new works by Austin based abstract artists Joseph Hammer and David Hefner. Both artists are known for an intense exploration of their own unique brand of color, repetition, and pattern. HAMMER/HEFNER will feature simultaneously, a continuation of their career pursuits, as well as new perspectives on their signature media.

When describing his process, Joseph Hammer often uses language suggesting he focuses on his own intuition, emotion, and wonder while developing his collages fashioned out of discarded books. His work plays heavily on the viewer's emotions by subtly suggesting certain phrases or words, hidden in the almost sculptural layers of the canvas, leather, cardboard and paper of his dismantled book covers.

David Hefner's approach resembles laborious examination and research. His work regularly begins with a concept derived in Art History or the Sciences, and can be easily identified by his tedious coloration of wood grain. While at work, he finds himself determined to expose the most elusive elements, such as the complexities inherent in theoretical physics or in one painting - an all out attempt to paint pure "joy".