Larry Seaman: Resurrectionist

Album Release & Assemblage Artwork

Larry Seaman is an artist and musician in Austin, Texas. Larry grew up in West Texas and moved to Austin as a teenager. He dropped out of college after forming Standing Waves, a seminal force in Austin’s 1970's punk/new wave scene. The art show, Resurrectionist, ushers in the album of the same name.

About his art he says, "These assemblages are 3-D collage of relics and cast-offs: bird bones, pocket watches, instruments, tools, and various artifacts. The pieces initially came together in clock boxes and letter trays, frames from another era. They are attempts to explore the beauty of obscure objects that have passed through time and find new meaning in intuitive juxtaposition."

Resurrectionist refers to reanimating the past in new contexts, in art and on the album which comes out Oct. 18. The release will be celebrated at a Sunday matinee show at the Saxon Pub Oct. 20th at 3pm.

His assemblages have been featured on the East Austin Studio Tour, Davis Gallery and Yard Dog, in Austin.