Orna Feinstein: Now and Zen

An Orna Feinstein Retrospective

Austin, TX – Over the last 15 years, Orna Feinstein has produced a body of work diverse in concept and execution, yet consistently maintains a strong theme throughout. Inspired by the simplicities of cellular anatomy and the growth patterns of trees, she brings to light the geometric forms that nature develops through repetition of the seasons. 

The forms emerge from the layering of multiple monoprints: a technique that creates a non-reproducible impression onto any medium of choice. Feinstein works mostly with acrylic, paper and fabric, delicately working and binding each layer. The layers react with one another to create a visual illusion, a vibration that comes from the slight variations in misalignment.

As her work progresses through the years, she seems to stretch out further into the third dimension, dissecting the forms into separate layers so that the observer might understand how the individual prints make up the whole.

Now and Zen: 15 Years of Printmaking is a retrospective show, curated by Vincent Falsetta, that has traveled amongst several galleries in Texas including Museum of the Southwest in Midland, the Geometric and Madi Art in Dallas, and the Museum of the Southeast in Beaumont. Davis Gallery is pleased to showcase Orna Feinstein's carefully selected works as part of PrintAustin 2015, a month long event celebrating the art of original printmaking. You can view other events and details at www.printaustin.org.