Possible Objects

Gladys Poorte, Pablo Taboada & Daniel Mark Cassity 

Contemporary painters Gladys Poorte, Pablo Taboada and Daniel Mark Cassity showcase their work in the upcoming Possible Objects exhibition at the Davis Gallery in Austin, Texas August 4 through September 8, 2012. Opening Reception: Saturday August 4th, 7-9pm

Gladys Poorte’s series of imaginative oil paintings are a result of a long process of physical construction. By using objects such as rubber gloves, yarn, toys and various other oddities, Poorte renders delightfully quirky landscapes that play with scale, light, imagery and diverse material. This series invites ambiguity and nudges the viewer to subvert ones nature of reality to leave room for the imagination.

In the broadest sense of the word, Realism is often defined by the artist’s desire to depict things accurately and truthfully. Daniel Cassity’s realist work carries with it a mastery not only found in the ability to control light or render an object with exactitude but also in his ability to stimulate the viewer beyond the painted surface. Compositional alliances between objects such as origami, banana peels, oversized keys and antiquated glass bottles are allowed to emerge from their surroundings often to imply an event or story and are frequently intended to evoke humor. This soft edged realism is something truly new.

Pablo Taboada’s approach to realism is entirely personal in character. His still-lifes are a visual cocktail of allegory and whimsy. These mindful geometric constructions are the result of the traditional inherited language of painting that includes drawing, light, color, composition, form, and texture. However, Taboada’s body of work also highlights his ability to juxtapose objects in what appears to be an unpredictable fashion without alienating his viewer within the strict confines of realist academia.

Possible Objects compiles a group of artists who pay a great deal of attention to nature and realism. While each of the artists’ technical prowess is evident, the true mastery is found in their ability to subvert the ordinary to create fictional representations that elicit emotional tension in depictions of familiarity and strange awkwardness.