Randall Reid & Lisa Beaman

Austin, TX - Randall Reid and Lisa Beaman both work to deconstruct images and materials from historic relics that have a great potential to be forgotten or destroyed as time moves quickly forward. The process of decay pulls at the physical nature of the material, as well as the memories from the past that they represent. In deconstructing the old form and piecing it back together, an entirely new, relatable composition has been created, one to represent the material through to the next era of its lifetime. It has been protected from the impending decay that most worldly features endure, and immortalized in our memories.

Lisa Beaman worked in the fabric medium for 20 years, establishing herself as one of the leaders in the contemporary art quilt movement. Her quilt work was often representational and narrative, incorporating figures and objects to examine emotional ideas. She changed direction when she began working with oil paint on canvas, as well as paper collage. Lisa's work is characterized by a bold expression of subject matter, manifest through a rich use of color and tone, which creates texture and depth on the surface of the canvas. She continues to explore all kinds of subject matter including figures, still life, animals and landscapes.

Randall Reid's work reflects the process of aging, in that the chance and random circumstances involved in its creation are closely correlated with the physicality of growth and decay. The surface speaks of the passage of time; the windows, and the conundrums posed within them, address the deeper meanings of existence. He uses these openings or portals to draw the viewer closer, thereby establishing a dialogue between the viewer and the work. Shifting levels of focus are established by means of elevation changes, creating a dynamic field for the deployment of perception.